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As of July 2020, this website is meant as personal portfolio only, as I'm looking for a permanent job.

About Me


Freelance Designer/Developer

Hello, my name is Son Nguyen. I am an expert in Web Development with more than 10 years of experience crafting websites and architecting Web apps. I'm happy to devote my expertise to your service:

  • Full Stack, Turnkey Solutions
  • Choose your own platform: Windows/Linux, .NET/LEMP/MEAN stack, hosted on AWS/Azure
  • Custom-built CMS or Joomla, Wordpress, Gatsby and more
  • Value added services. See more

My Services

Launch Website

Build and host a website for your immediate online presence

Design Styling

Style your website with hand-crafted HTML5+CSS3, ensuring semantic, SEO optimized markup, responsive layout, accessibility, optimized performance. Create customizable modular themes or build from your own design.

Flexible Content Management

Custom-built content manager to help you create content, or build on popular CMS platforms powered by PHP (Joomla, Wordpress), or modern JAMStack (Gatsby, Next.js)

Web App

Build features for your website, big or small: communication, customer services, e-commerce, you name it. Future proof your app with modern technologies: .NET Core, MEAN/LEMP stack, Angular, React

Secure Website

Assure your customer by making your website or webapp secure with SSL Certificate and full stack security measures

Data Analytics

Know your visitors: log visits, detect location, desktop or mobile devices. Custom-built tracking, A/B testing based on Google Analytics or Google Optimize

Special Services

Web and Data Hosting

Complete solutions to host and store your website and/or data on the cloud. Choose your own provider, AWS or Azure. Fast global delivery of your data using load-balanced distributed CDN. Custom-built tools to manage your data

Email Marketing

Build your own robust private email server and EDM platform to deliver mass emails: manage distribution lists, segmentation, scheduling, delivery tracking, engagement tracking, spam management, blacklist monitoring and recovery

Mobile App

Build mobile companion app to your website or web app, for both Android and Apple devices

Sample Projects

Only listing recent projects I was given permission to showcase

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you from?

I am from Vietnam, one of the most active and cost effective providers of software engineering talents in the world. Vietnam is #3 in global offshoring hotspot and #1 in competitive cost (Tower Watson, Services Offshoring Ranking)

How do I hire you?

Send me a message. I answer promptly all messages and inquiries.

I don't see what I want in your list of services

You're welcome to let me know whatever you need; I don't hesitate to face any kind of challenges to get work done for you.

Why hire you?

Hiring an expert with plus 10 years experience to deliver high quality services, big or small, saves you time and cost.

I am fluent in English and can communicate with you around the clock across timezones as needed.

How much does it cost and how do I pay you?

Cost depends on the service, I send the quote after considering your requirement. I accept payment by Stripe, Paypal or any other method you are familiar with, if possible.

Can I hire you part-time, full-time or permanently?

I am open for any opportunity to work for you under any kind of commitment, as long as it provides excellent challenges to enrich my expertise.

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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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